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Dental bridges provided at our dentist in Charlton are an effective and natural-looking way to replace one or more missing teeth.

They are usually made from a combination of porcelain and precious and non-precious metals, and consist of a crown or wing positioned next to a false tooth, which slot over the teeth adjacent to a gap (the abutment teeth). As well as being fixed by natural teeth, they can also be supported by dental implants.

The most obvious benefit of bridges is the way they restore an incomplete smile but they can also improve eating, speaking, your ‘bite’ and the contours of your face, and they can help keep your existing teeth firmly in place.

If bridges are well looked after, and that includes keeping the surrounding teeth healthy so they can provide a solid foundation, they can last for years.

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What Happens during a Dental Bridge appointment


During a routine appointment, we will:

  • The adjacent teeth or tooth are prepared by removing a layer of enamel so the crowns can be comfortably accommodated.
  • Impressions are taken of the teeth so the bridge can be tailor-made to fit.
  • After the bridge has been produced in a laboratory, it is fixed in position with dental cement.
  • If you have any questions on dental bridges or any of other dental treatments please contact us using the contact form below 

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